Safe Standards EN 1143-1

EN 1143-1 Standard for Safe and Vault 

EN 1143-1 grades is a European security standard that specifies requirements for the construction and performance of safes and vault doors with a focus on burglary resistance. The standard is used to evaluate and certify the security level of these products, ensuring they provide a certain degree of protection against unauthorized access and attacks.
Key aspects and features of the EN 1143-1 standard include:
Grading System: The standard employs a grading system that classifies safes and vault doors into different security levels, ranging from Grade 0 (the lowest) to Grade 13 (the highest). Each grade corresponds to a specific level of security, with higher grades offering more resistance against burglary attempts.
Testing Procedures: EN 1143-1 specifies rigorous testing procedures that safes and vault doors must undergo to assess their resistance to various types of attacks, including drilling, cutting, and impact attacks. These tests simulate real-world burglary attempts and assess how well the security products withstand them.
Construction Requirements: The standard outlines requirements for the materials, design, and construction of safes and vault doors. This includes factors like door thickness, locking mechanisms, and the presence of anti-drill plates and relocking devices.
Locking Mechanisms: EN 1143-1 places particular emphasis on the locking mechanisms used in safes and vault doors. It requires that these mechanisms meet specific security criteria to ensure they cannot be easily manipulated or bypassed.
Certification and Labeling: Safes and vault doors that meet the standard's requirements and pass the prescribed tests are typically certified and labeled accordingly. This certification provides customers with confidence in the security and quality of the products.
Applications: Safes and vault doors that adhere to EN 1143-1 are commonly used in various settings where the protection of valuable assets is essential, such as banks, financial institutions, government agency, jewelry stores, and data centers.
Overall, EN 1143-1 is a crucial standard in the field of security, helping consumers make informed decisions about the safes and vault doors they choose for safeguarding their assets. The grading system and rigorous testing procedures ensure that products labeled under this standard provide a high level of burglary resistance.

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